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Gekipuri -- The 1st for Tenimyu news and information!
Sales again, sorry! 
1st-Dec-2011 12:28 am
serene in the garden - Amy
Hello all, I've some TeniMyu/Takumi-kun/Peacemaker/Hamao Kyousuke merch to get rid of before I move, so please take it off my hands! I really want it to go to people who will appreciate it rather than in the bin ><;;

Postage from Japan to anywhere in the world is included in the prices below. All prices are in Japanese yen and I accept Paypal.

Takumi-kun Series: Pure DVD - 5500円
Never actually watched (*fails*). I'm not likely to rewatch the subbed version, so I'm certainly not likely to watch the DVD. Two disc set from HMV Japan.

Takumi-kun 2xbromide photos - 200円 - held
I've kept one of the bromides from this set (from the new movie, Daisuke and Mao's last) but I would rather the other two go to a good home than loiter unloved at my place. So they're half price.

Mao A4 size print photo - 700円
I won this in the Halloween draw at Angel Eyes. It wasn't on general sale.

4xbromide photos - 600円
(when commenting if interested you can refer to this set as 'the one with the fugly shirt-thing')
These and the bromide sets below were all available at Angel Eyes, where I evidently had a moment of '*_* Holy hell, look at all the photos of The Boy!!' without actually stopping to think about how I will never need this many bromides. Behold, the selling power of Mao's smile.

4xbromide photos - 600円
(this one may be referred to as 'normally I'd be all over Mao in a waistcoat but my eyes can't move away from a shirt that ridiculous')

4xbromide photos - 600円 - sold
4xbromide photos - 600円
3x bromide photos - 300円

Peacemaker Mao as Souji 1xbromide photo - 200円
These on stage photos were sold at Peacemaker individually.

Peacemaker Mao as Souji 2xbromide photos - 300円
Again, I've snaffled a photo from this set, so it's half price. It's Mao as Souji Okita, I HAD to keep one!

Peacamaker Kane as Hijikata 1xbromide photo - 200円 - held

TeniMyu clearfiles - 800円 each
From The Final Match: Rikkai First for Seigaku 5thGen and Shitenhouji A cast.
1st-Dec-2011 01:05 am (UTC)
Oh dear, if you don't get a reply for the pace maker photo of Kane, let me know ^^
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