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Gekipuri -- The 1st for Tenimyu news and information!

げきプリ Tenimyu news and information!
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Hi, gekipuri desu~!

What is gekipuri?
gekipuri is the english information community for the Prince of Tennis musicals. If you want to keep up to date on the latest things that the current and former actors are doing, information on new Tenimyus, dvd and goods information, translations, and reviews, then you're in the right place!

☆ How this community works:
~Everyone can post!! Please do so and help everyone become more interested in what your favorite Tenimyu actor is doing outside (or after) Tenimyu!! Help the foreign fans of Tenimyu stay informed, and look out for event announcements that might fall during a future trip to Japan for you! ^.^
~Every post in this community is tagged using the new lj tag system!! This means that you can click on the actor's name and see all of the news about them without having to wade through the rest!! Please make use of the tags, by all means!!
-Here is a list of all the current tags: http://www.livejournal.com/community/gekipuri/tag/
If you don't see one for your favorite Tenimyu actor, then post some news about him and make a new tag!! ^-^

What is gekipuri not?
☆ It's not a place to post fanworks - this means no icons, banners, winamp skins, or other related graphics. Please post them in tenimyu, tenipuri_myu or tenimyu_icons instead. Translations are allowed and encouraged.
☆ This is a news community, not a download community. Downloads are allowed ONLY if they are supplemental to a post (for example: on a review of something, you can post where to download it). Any posts asking for downloads will be deleted. Please lock the post if there is any sort of a rip (mp3, video). A post with a few pictures accompanying a review does not necessarily have to be locked, but please use your own judgement.

Why did you choose 'gekipuri' as the username?
☆ This is the nickname that Weekly Shonen Jump uses to refer to the musical often in the magazine, so we thought it was a fitting name! ^^ 'Gekipuri' breaks down to 'stage prince', in japanese. It's the official nickname, though obviously not as commonly used as 'tenimyu.' ^^

The rules are simple! ^_^
~Please be nice to other people, and respect their opinions.
~Don't fight on the community!!
~Please post any new news and information that you find about anything related to Tenimyu!
~For new information, PLEASE post a source! ie: "This info was in the new Shonen Jump (+scan if possible!) on pg 32." Or, "source: The actor's official webpage." Unconfirmed rumors (for example: you read it on another fan's blog) are NOT allowed. ^^ As stated above, this can be information on a Tenimyu itself, or anything related to the actors that have been in or are currently in Tenimyu.
~If there are images accompanying your post, please place anything larger than 300px wide behind an lj-cut.
~Do not post icons, banners, or other fan-made graphics here.
~Do not post asking for downloads or only to provide them. This community is for information!!
~You are only allowed to pimp another community here if it is supplemental to a post (ie: not a post just in itself), and if it is a fan community or some other relevant community. RP communities and fic/art communities etc, are not allowed.

☆ If you have any questions, please contact one of the maintainers listed below! Have fun, and let's keep each other informed! (≧∇≦)/

Tenimyu shows and dates
Tenimyu OST listing
Tenimyu links list
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